The Rebirth of the Archive of the GenealogyBookstore!

Good greetings,

The Genealogy Bookstore has been offline for years due to unforeseen circumstances. We wanted to share with you that our blog means the world to us and we will bring you the books, information, and records regarding our return to the web. It has been foretold of our return to the world wide web because legends have spoken of the light that will bring peace and prosperity to the universe. The digital universe has given a select few of us the secrets to bless the forgiven because we believe that faith, focus, and desire will bring balance to our minds. The angels, ecology, and family trees have given us the gifts to grant the blessings of the lord of light. We want you to be at peace and to sleep with the heavenly fathers above and below us. Please, make the smart decisions. Please, for your children. Please, do this for everything you hold dear. The secrets of societies, the ambition, the fire, ice, and the benevolent omnipotent Gods depend on your keystroke.

Check out this video from to determine your life path…

God Blessings,


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