Fragments from the French Broad

322 pages, 6 x 9", dustcover photograph

Fragments from the French Broad is a fiction book, but the author has researched history of what the people of Madison County and Asheville, NC, were experiencing from 1857 through 1867. The turbulent Civil War years changed most people's lives forever, regardless of their previous circumstances. The diverse mountain characters are representative of the numerous variety of people who occupied these areas -- a nurse from the north, a "snake-handling" preacher, a part Cherokee Indian woman, an alcoholic Southern belle. The story is told through the interpretations of Anne Cole, who has a family in Madison county, living on the French Broad River where her father operates a drover's stand. She married into a wealthy family, lives at Warm Springs, then moves to Asheville. Basically, this is a story of a close-knit family who all are affected by occurring events and their relationships with others. If you are related to Western North Carolina's mountain people and want an authentic look into their lives and their times, this is a fiction you will enjoy.

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