Yoch/Yock Families in America

280 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, acid free paper, 75 photographs, indexed.

The Descendants of Johann Martin Joch of Lichtentanne Germany.

This family has been traced back to 1640 to a little village in Germany. From the youngest child this family has been traced back 14 generations. A lot is known about the first Jochs who came to America in 1826 and their ancestors in Germany.

The allied families and their Yoch/Yock ancestors are:Yoch, Albert (PA) Counterman, Lesh; Yoch, John (PA) Schweitzer, Heater, Seislove, Mensinger, Reph, Frant, Newhard, Kloiber; Yoch, Eugene (CO) Call, Ashcroft, McPherson, Dalton, Lister, Flager, Fujisawa, Williams, Landes; Yock, Charles W.O. (PA) Weiss, Schoonover, Wear, Youngken; Yock, Andrew (IA) Eads, Belding, Robison, Buss, Fink, Nishimoto, O'Brian, Haneline, Vest; Yock, Herman descendants (WA) Atchinson, Tanner, Van Hee, Kelly, Register, Becker, Millbrandt, Herr, Prentice, McFadden, Warwick, O'Hagen, Rasmus, Quinby, Tolliver, McGowen, Jamison, Hollingsworth, Ross, Savidge, Nelson, Taylor, Lewis, Duval, Williamson, Harris, Nelson, Bemmers; Other Yochs: Descendants of : Peter Christian Yoch (PA); Christian Yoch (Bellville, IL); John Joseph Yoch (IA); Frank Yoch (PA); Herman Yoch (St Paul, MN).

About the author: The author was born in South Dakota, a descendant of Yochs who moved to Iowa from Pennsylvania in the 1880s. He is a Professor of Biology at the University of South Carolina in Columbia and has been working on the Yoch/Yock family history since 1976.

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