Almyra Minerva Campbell Young; Her Children Rise Up and Call Her Blessed

211 pages, 7 x 10", hardcover with dust jacket, illustrated, 15 photographs.

Almyra Minerva Campbell grew up on a prosperous plantation in Concordia Parish, Louisinana at the juncture of the Mississippi and Black Rivers. Her father the legendary Beasley Campbell, was a backwoodsman, soldier, hunter, plantation operator, responsible citizen. Minerva was the seventh of eight surviving children of his first marriage to Mary Ann Franklin. Though several of her closest siblings were educated professors, doctors and engineers, she married at age sixteen to an Irishman farmer and pioneer. When the Civil War took her oldest son and her oldest daughter died at age twelve, and the Black River flooded their home, Minerva and Robert Ezekial Young, packed their wagons and with a half dozen neighbors headed for Texas. Robert Ezekial got the wagons out of the mud and on the road and died, not two weeks into the journey. Minerva and her small children continued to Texas where she not only survived but prevailed.

Her children and grandchildren: doctors, educators, lawyers, engineers, writers, school administrators, business people, fueled by her genes and example have done well. This book has some of their stories, down to the fourth and fifth generatrions. Our Campbell ancestors are more interesting by the parallel lines of ancestors and descendants of Alexander Campbell, revered leader in the religious restoration movement of the early nineteenth century. A common faith and a common heritage encouraged by several inter-marriages have been revealed in this search. Ancestors and descendants of Almyra Minerva totaling more than 1200 names are included in this book.

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