The Wilcox-Luke Genealogy

200 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, acid free paper, photographs, line drawings, vital statistics, certificates, Bible pages, newspaper items, bibliography, citations to sources, maps 2 indexes, 1 for Wilcox, 1 for Luke.

Descendants of Joel Wilcox and Catharine Randall of Connecticut, New York, Michigan and Indiana.

Descendants of John Luke, Revolutionary Soldier of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.

There are 10 generations of descendants of Joel Wilcox and 9 generations of descendants of John Luke.

Some of the linages in this volume include: Ableson, Anderson, Arnold, Ashton, Baltosser, Barton, Blakeman, Cahours, Carrier, Ceran, Ciszek, Clough, Collins, Cruttenden, Dale, Damren, Edwards, Eicher, Finch, Fisher, Galeener, Gleason, Graf, Grose, hansen, Harman, Harmer, Hartley, Hatchett, Hood, Howard, Jessup, Jones, Kautzky, Kibble, Kihm, Leader, Maller, Mayson, Meyer, Muller, McComb, McDougall, McNair, McReynolds, Nordlie, O'Hara, Pfiester, Phenicie, Reynolds, Richards, Ries, Ritchey, Roach, Sanford, Scharer, Silzer, Studt, Waldheim and Wood. Many other families are treated.

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