The Warren County Story (Tennessee) and Family Histories

500 + pages, 8 1/2 x 11", hardcover, acid free paper, illustrations, photographs, indexed.

The Story of Warren County begins with a chapter on Majestic Middle Tennessee, the early history of Tennessee and Warren County, The Treaty of Hopewell and the Saga of the First Settler.

The story continues with the beginnings of WARREN COUNTY, the government, agriculture, rural post offices, communities, schools, churches, headline news, turnpikes, and area landmarks.

A chapter on McMinnville, discusses the 188 years of growth, McMinnville today, the city government and park memorials.

The BIOGRAPHY section includes photographs and family histories of many of the families that settled in Warren County. These include histories on the following families: Ames, Barnes, Bess, Biddle, Blatz, Boyd, Brown, Byars, Campbell, Cardwell, Christian, Clark, Colville, Combs, Coverdale, Cunningham, Durtis, Davenport, Day, Deakins, Dodson, Drake, Elkins, Fitch, Fleming, Ford, Forrest, Gibbs, Gillentine, Grammitt, Grouch, Haney, Haston, Hayes, Hollis, Hooper, Huggins, Johnson, Jones, King, Krupa, Locke, McCormick, McGiboney, McGregor, McInery, Marbury, Martin, Mayo, Moffit, Moore, Moulder, Northcross, Nunley, Oliver, Parris, Poe, Pursley, Risener, Roberts, Rowland, Russell, Rust, Scott, Smith, Solomon, Stainback, Stamps, Stanley, Stewart, Stubblefield, Thaxton, Tittle, Turner, Walling, Ward, Ware, Webb, White, Wilkerson, Williams, Wiseman, and Womack.

FAMED PEOPLE, tells of the early pioneers, and people who left their marks on the county.

A section on the TRAIL OF TEARS talks about the Cherokee Indian Removal and of the other tribes that were also removed beyond the Mississippi.

OTHER SECTIONS tell of: The Wars of Warren County, Ben Lomond Mountain, The Blanche Spurlocke Bently Papers, and Sources and Resources of Warren County, Tennessee.

A chapter on MEMORIALS AND MEMORABILIA has sketches on county residents who contributed greatly to the success and history.

The LAND TRANSFER section contains copies of original deeds.

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