The Jeptha Wright Story

Based on the Genealogy Collection of Louise Wright Weybright

416 pages, 6 x 9" hardcover, acid-free paper, photographs, indexed.

This book is the story of descendants of Jeptha Wright born 1787 in MA then moved to Orleans County, New York and then Steuben County, Indiana. It contains 3,300 names of descendants with stories and 29 family pictures from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Some of the other families in this book: Achtymicheur, Adams, Baldwin, Barry, Bell, Bellamy, Bello, Bisbee, Bradshaw, Brewer, Brown, Butler, Clark, Clingan, Cook, Cowger, Cumming, Davis, Deetz, Demmon, DeVere, Donaldson, Driver, Drnec, Dye, Eckert, Elliott, Emerson, Eshelman, Fleenor, Forrester, Foster, Gamrath, Gearhart, Gettings, Gilliam, Gonser, Graham, Green, Hackett, Hager, Haguewood, Halsey, Harbick, Hayward, Hill, Hoopingarner, Hornaday, Huber, Huff, Huffman, James, Kelly, Klandrud, Koch, Kruger, Lahr, Lantis, Lepley, Ligon, Lockwood, Loucks, Lower, MacNicol, Martin, Meyer, Millions, Mims, Montague, Morgan, Myers, Noland, Parker, Perkins, Price, Quick, Rehm, Reidy, Rugg, Schoudel, Sebert, Shepler, Shipps, Skelly, Spencer, Stoneburner, Thomas, Thorp, Toppen, Tritch, Watts, Wentworth, Whitney, Willis, Winkler, Wright, Zimmerman and others.

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