Descendants of Captain John Wiggins of Martin County, North Carolina

792 pages, 6 x 9" hard cover, photographs, illustrations, indexed.

This book is the result of ten years of research by the author and many contributions from over twenty contemporary researchers. Captain John Wiggins lived from 1716 until 1786, and he and his wife Catherine Baker raised their family in Martin County, North Carolina. The first third of the book tells the stories of the migration of the descendants throughout all the southern states during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and uses many original sources, documents, maps and photographs. The second third of the book is a complete descendant chart for almost four thousand descendants of John and Catherine Wiggins. The last part of the book contains many Bible records, all known wills from the first four generations, census records, Civil War records, and some complete diaries. A full name index is included to make up a total of 792 pages.

Table of Contents:

Some of the families included in this book: Alexander, Alston, Baldwin, Bell, Bembry, Blount, Bond, Bonner, Boykin, Bradford, Brewer, Bryan, Cantey, Clark, Coley, Crowell, Culvern, Cunningham, Davis, Drakeford, Durham, Folk, Glazier, Greer, Harding, Harris, Haywood, Hoffman, Holt, Hooks, Hoskins, Hunter, Irvin, Jiggits, King, Ladd, Lee, Lewis, Mallory, Marshall, Matthews, Mickle, Milling, Moore, Nelson, Nicholson, Parker, Powell, Richardson, Richey, Roberts, Ross, Rowley, Rugeley, Rutherford, Skinner, Stephens, Strain, Taylor, Turman, Turner, Walker, Welch, Whitaker, Wiggins, Williams, Woodard, Woolard, Yellowly, Young and others.

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