The Ancestry of Edward Myrock Wilder (1850-1924)

224 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, indexed.

The Wilder family has been documented on this continent since the late 1630s, when Martha, widow of Thomas Wilder of Nunhide, Berkshire, England, arrived in Charlestown, Massachusetts. There she was met by her sons, Edward and Thomas and her daughter Elizabeth. Since that time, Wilders have been pioneers in the westward movement, first to the wild frontiers of central Massachussets, then western New York and to the Iowa of the 1850s.

The actural earliest arrival of the ancestors of Edward Myrock Wilder was in 1620 when William White, one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact, set foot on Plymouth Rock.

The history of these families is given beginning with the Wilders.

The other families are: Adams, Atherton, Baker, Balch, Bartlett, Bemis, Bigelow, Bixby, Bosworth, Brigham, Clesson, Coolidge, Crosby, Deacon, Dickenson, Dodge, Dowsett, Edwards, Farrar, Fish, Gawkroger, Gardner, George, Gould, Hagar, Hale, Harrington, Hayward, Houghton, Hutchinson, King, Knowlton, Marshall, Maxon, Mixer, Mirick, Parker, Phelps, Pickard, Prescott, Ravens, Riddlesdale, Stratton, Trowbridge, Vassall, Warren, Wells, Wheeler, White, Wilder and more.

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