The Sustaceks of Minnesota

664 pages, 8 1/2 x 11", hardcover, acid-free paper, 1400 photographs and a name index of 1700.

This book contains some interesting history of Central Europe and the Czeck people, with a brief history of the original home land of the two Sustacek families, which was the farming village of Recice in Moravia of the Czech Republic.

It identifies seven (7) generations and more than four hundred (400) descendants of these two families who are now living throughout the United States, with a Photo Scrapbook section of the three hundred forty-four (344) pages.

Some of the related family names: Albrecht, Anderly, Arends, Barlage, Bentz, Biagi, Bingham, Blowers, Burss, Carlson, Chapple, Darling, Friauf, Frisvold, Gustavson, Herzog, Hlavka, Hohn, Hrdlichka, Jerabek, Johnson, LaLonde, Larson, Lewin, Lohrenz, Looze, Maresh, Markytan, Martin, Meixner, Opitz, Penaz, Picha, Postusta, Pulkrabek, Redding, Roepke, Rogers, Rozeske, Ryan, Sammon, Schmidt, Scholljegerdes, Skolberg, Slezak, Stacey, Steffes, Stibal, Stier, Strohschein, Sustacek, Stutesman, Vanderlinde, Wavrin, Wild Wosmek, Zastrow, and others.

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