The Seders

An American Family and its German Roots

256 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, acid-free paper, photographs, maps and illustrations, indexed.

Preliminary research on this family came up with the names and home towns of a number of Seder ancestors. With the additional help of two professional genealogists in Germany a family tree was produced going back many generations. One of these branches goes back to the fifteenth century. In most of the German states the churches becan to keep records of births, deaths, marriages, baptisms and other information beginning shortly after the Reformation. These records are usually more complete that American records of that time.

Table of Contents


One -- Overview

Two -- A Short Introduction to German History

Three -- The Soders in Hesse 1650-1776

Four -- Life in Hess-Kassel in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Five -- Johannes Soder, Hessian Soldier

Six -- Johannes Soder and His Family in Hesse and Hanover

Seven -- August Soder and His Wife Sophia Stieve

Eight -- Hanover in the Early Nineteenth Century

Nine -- Emigration to America

Ten -- Louis and Ursula (Saxer) Seder

Eleven --- James I Seder and the Kiekhofer Family

Twelve -- Ray Seder and Aline Grantham and Their Family

Other family names: Allrich, Borrett, Cart, Garraux, Grantham, Kiekhoefer, La Hoda, Niemeyer, Saxer, Seder, Selover, Soder, Stieve, Trope, Vosshagen, Wulster, Zehnder and others.

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