A Smith Family Odyssey

A Southern Family and Its Relations Through Six Generations --
Benning, Evans, Foster, Garnett, Shackleford, Thompson, Vickers and Wedderburn

303 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, acid-free paper, photographs, maps and illustrations, indexed.

A Smith Family Odyssey follows a family of Smiths from Craven County, North Carolina in the mid-1700s to Wilkes County, Georgia, where two members of the family, James and Nathan Smith, fought in the Revolutionary War. Most of Nathan Smith's family remained in Georgia, but one branch emigrated to Texas in the 1840s. The story follows that family until it reaches New Mexico in 1906. The book also highlights the families with whom the Smiths intermarried: the Bennings, Evans, Foster, Garnetts, Granthams, Shacklefords, Thompsons, Vickers and Wedderburns. While Smith genealogy is central, the book includes extensive discussion of the political, economic and social conditions faced by successive generations of Smiths and related families in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas and New Mexico, as well as France and Scotland.

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