The Scovil Genealogy

462 pages, 8 1/2 x 11" hard cover, acid free paper, indexed.

The Scovil(l)(e) family shares the rare privilege of being able to trace its roots back nearly 800 years to Sir Ralph de Scoville, a Knight of Hilperton, Brockley and Turweston in southwestern England in 1194. The name originated before 1066 in Normandy where there is still a village called Escoville near Caen. In 1915 Homer Worthington Brainard, a Scovil Descendant, researched those roots and published A Survey of the Scovils or Scovills in England and America; Seven Hundred Years of History and Genealogy.

Now this work has been supplemented with the stories of 150 Scovils of the twentieth century and a fully indexed 5,700 name Scovil(l)(e) family tree starting with Sir Ralph and continuing through John and Arthur Scovel, who immigrated to Connecticut about 1650, to the present. 93% of the names on the pedigrees and database are tied into the main tree and making it easy to determine the relationships of the family members and the line of descent from Sir Ralph.

Ten years of research and correspondence have gone into creating an heirloom that will be used by many generations of Scovils in the future.

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