The Descendants of Christian Friedrich Seefeld

A History of His Children Who Emigrated To America From Pomerania and Their Families

500 pages, 8 1/2 X 11", hardcover, acid-free paper, 500 pages, photographs, indexed

Christian Friedrich Seefeld (1795-1865) and his wife Anna Sophia Kobs (1795-1835) lived in the village of Plantikov in Kreis Naugard, Pomerania (an area that is now part of Poland). The couple had eight children: Carl, David, Friedericka, August, John, Gottlieb, William and Wilhelmina. Seven of the eight children (John remained in Germany) emigrated to the United States and settled in the Town of Kewaskum, Washington County, Wisconsin.

This book begins with a chapter about the Christian Friedrich and Anna Sophia Kibs Seefeld family and their homeland. This is followed by chapters about the major branches of the family: David, Friederica, August, Gottlieb, William and Wilhelmina. Official documents, signatures of family members and family records give the spelling of the name as Seefeld, Seefeldt and Siefeld. The spelling Seefedt is found primarily within the August branch; the others use the surname Seefeld.

Biographical sketches of each relative, through the fourth generation, have been included in the book, and there is a listing of all of the known relatives for the years 1795 through 1991. There are now almost 1,600 descendants in the Seefeld/Seefeldt family (2,375 when including spouses). Some of the major family groups listed are Buss, Drescher, Fink, Maatz, Meyer, Miller, Rexilius, Seefeld and Seefeldt.

The book also contains a lengthly story about the life on the Barthol and Eureka Seefeld Fink farmstead at the turn of the century. The Appendix contains highlights of the first 51 Annual Seefeld/t Reunions, a list of 90 Club members, newspaper articles about family members and a play, "The First Seefeld Reunion in America - October 1868," which was presented at the 1959 Reunion. The index for the book contains 3,100 names.

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