Strohmeiers of New Orleans

A Genealogical Memoir of Three Strohmeier Immigrants from Hannover, Germany

326 pages, 6 x 9", photographs, indexed

Three Strohmeiers' from Bruchhausen, Kingdom of Hannover, Germany, immigrated to New Orleans in the mid 1800s. The first to arrive was Friedrich Heinrich Strohmeier in 1843. The next to arrive was Frederick's nephew, Hermann Conrad Friedrich Strohmeier in 1852. The final immigrant was Hermann's younger brother, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Strohmeier in 1860. This book describes these immigrants and all of the American descendants that could be found.

This genealogical history presents what has been learned of the Strohemier ancesstors in Germany as well as the three immigrants. However it is mostly about some 483 American Strohmeier descendants. The vast majority of these descendants derive from Frederick and Hermann. We know of no descendants from John. Also, included herein are several descendants of Catherine Christine Delarber, Hermann's wife, who remarried twice more following Hermann's death. This history includes 243 other families that have joined the family through marriage.

Associated families: Aucoin, Bordenave, Bowden, Breslin, Brockhoeft, Browne, Cambre, Coussens, Daniel, Durbin, Falati, Faurie, Gibson, Gremillion, Isenmann, Keppel, Landry, Lousteau, Lovas, Madacsi, Mader, McCrossen, McGowan, McNulty, Mutter, Nation, Oliveri, Powell, Rodriguez, Rogers, Rohr, Schmidt, Schneider, Shankle, Strohmeier, Strohmeyer, Stromeyer, Thomas, Turfitt, Van Hoosier, Walters, Watts, Weitz, Zeringue.

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