The History of a Patrick Family and Related Families 1751-1996

320 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, acid free paper, photographs and illustrations, indexed.

Table of Contents:

Some of the families included in this book: Alfrey, Allen, Allison, Applewhite, Arnott, Autry, Baker, Ballard, Beard, Beverly, Brookshire, Brumbelow, Butler, Cain, Cannon, Castleberry, Chaires, Chambless, Cleveland, Davis, Dews, Durden, Dykes, Ewing, Fernandez, Foster, Givens, Godfrey, Griffin, Grimsley, Gurr, Hall, Harrison, henderson, Hinde, Holland, Hollon, Hulsey, Ingram, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Knight, Langston, Lassiter, Lee, Long, McDonald, McKenzie, Mills, Morgan, Nichols, .Nicholson, Palmer, Parker, Patrick, Perkins, Porter, Powell, Roberts, Sanders, Simmons, Singleton, Smith, Standridge, Stanford, Terry, Thompson, Timmons, Webb, West, Whitaker, Wishon, York and others.

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