Dreadzil Evans Pace and Melita Leverett

Of Talladega County, Alabama: Some Descendants

152 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, acid free paper, photographs indexed.

Table of Contents:

Some of the families included in this book: Armstrong, Barnes, Bishop, Brittian, Burroughs, Bussey, Camp, Chandler, Dawson, Deal, Dobson, Dodge, Drury, Fowlkes, Haynes, Hingson, Hubbard, Ingram, Johnson, Jones, Knaffl, Kreitz, Leverett, Liles, Malone, Martin, McCargo, McMains, Moon, Moore, Morris, Owens, Pace, Palmer, Parker, Pittard, Pitts, Ratliff, Riley, Roberts, Sellers, Smelley, Stewart, Strickland, Thompson, Vincent, Vise, Weaver, Weir, Wilder, Wood and others.

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