Scattered Leaves

-- A Nooney-Sweet Family History

374 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, photographs and illustrations, indexed

This volume is the culmination of twelve years of intensive research on the Nooneys, Sweets and allied families.

The book starts with the earliest known ancestor Timothy Nooney and his wife Margaretha (Peggy) Eckert in New York State

The family history follows the lines of three brothers Norman, Thomas and George R. (grandsons of Timothy Nooney)

The Sweet family is traced back to John Sweet of Devonshire, England.

Table of Contents:

Some of the families included in this book: Austin, Bates, Beaumont, Bell, Bentley, Bobo, Boltz, Bozik, Brown, Burnett, Cates, Collins, Conklin, Cozzens, Crenshaw, Daggett, de Boketon, Decker, Dement, de Quincey, Drummond, Eckert, Elliot, Fero, Fox, Gifford, Greene, Haynor, Haywood, Hoffman, Holsapple, Jensen, Kilmmer, Kimmel, Kuhlmann, Lampman, Langdon, Marlowe, Merrifield, Moore, Nooney, Odle, Periam, Proniske, Pultz, Rossman, Scadlock(e), Shaver, Sweet, Taylor, Thalman, Trafford, Whalen, Whitlock, Whitman, Wilcox, Williams, Wormstall, Zouche and others.

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