Our Scottish Kin -- McGibbon, Stark, Stebbins, Adams

336 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, acid free paper, illustrated, indexed.

A family genealogy of the families, McGibbon, Adams, Stark and Stebbins. The McGibbons from Paisley, Scotland, Stark from Glasgow, Scotland, Adams from Canada, and Stebbins from Deerfield, Maryland.

All of these people settled in Northern New York, County of Franklin, Town of Malone, Chateaugay, Burke, Trout River, Westville, and Fort Covington and Constable.

Family names that are descendants of the above 4 families are Burke, Carr, Clark, Coolidge, Costello, Cunningham, Davidson, Douglas, Elder, Elliott, Follett, Fregoe, Goundrez, Harris, Hoy, Hyde, Jones, Larrocco, Martin, McFadden, McPherson, Nowicki, Selkirk, Smith and Tannahill, plus others.

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