Between The Creeks

A History of the Highland Scots Immigration into Moore County, NC

728 pages, 8 1/2 x 11", hardcover, photographs, maps, illustrations, indexed.

A history of the Highland Scots immigration into Moore County and neighboring areas of the Upper Cape Fear River basin from the earliest times through the first half of the Twentieth Century. The book traces the sources of this emigration from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland from the dawn of history to the Pre-Revolutionary period of Colonial America, and emphasizes the time of the hegemony of Clan Donald, the Jacobite rebellion of Bonnie Prince Charles, and the subsequent breakdown of the clan system in the 1750s and 60s.

The creeks are Crain's in the east and McLendon's in the western portion of Moore County, as these are the areas where the author's families landed. He grew up on Carthage, midway between these creeks, with one foot in the domain of his father's lines, and the other on those of his mother's Scottish ancestors.

Among the families of his father's relatives are Norman McDonald's Fergusons, Norman McDonald's (grandson of the immigrant), John McDonald's, McSweens, Allen McDonald's, Sinclairs, McNeills, McLeans, Kellys, and McQueens. Families on his mother's side include four lines of McDonald's Campbells, McIvers, Bethunes, Martins, and Brutons.

Earliest settlers on Crain's and McLendon's Creeks (such as Gilmores, Armstrongs, Matthewses, McKinnon, Angus McDonald, Neil McNeill; and McLendons, Muses, Coxes, Grahams, Martins, John McNeill, McLeods, Barretts) are treated in detail. Extensive maps of these creek basins from the time of the earliest grants until the Civil War times are included.

The index includes some 10,000 entries of names of persons and places. There are more than 150 illustrations, including a large number of photographs. The book, 728 pages long, features the Loyalist Army prior to and after the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge.

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