The Maysilles Family History

288 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, acid-free paper, illustrated, indexed.

The "Maysilles legend" is well established in the family group. Basically the story is as follows: During one of George Washington's forays into the Ohio Valley from Virginia, several captives were taken. Among them were two "small" boys, the sons of a Frenchman and his Indian wife. On the return trip to Virginia, several of the captives escaped--among them one of the "small" boys. The remaining "small" boy was taken to the area that is now Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and apprenticed to a blacksmith. This boy is purported to be the start of the Maysilles family.

Due to language barriers, phonetic spelling--and perhaps a lack of education--the spelling of the name Maysilles becomes a major problem. There are many deviations: Masilles, Maycellus, Marcelles, Marsilles, Marcellus, etc.

Some surnames found in the book are: Baltzly, Bender, Birch, Bowers, bowman, Bunker, Coffman, Crumbling, Davidson, Fenstermaker, Ferguson, Fisher, Focht, Fornwalt, Forry, Funk, Groh, Harris, Hefner, Hoopengarner, Hoover, Keedy, Keller, Kowalewski, Landon, LeVine, Lusk, Maysilles, Miller, Newcomer, Patrick, Peterson, Powell, Prempert, Pyper, Quick, Reimer, Reynolds, Root, Saylor, Shaffer, Shower, Stull, Triggs, Vallerine, Weaver, Willett, Williams, Wilson, Winders, Wright, Yates, Young, Zinn and more.

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