The MacLeod Family of Lynchburg, Virginia

Ancestors and Descendants

152 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, acid-free paper, photographs, indexed

The story of the MacLeod origins in Scotland and the migration to America in 1884 by Charles Campbell MacLeod. There are separate chapters of "The Clan MacLeod," The MacLeod Family in Scotland," "The MacLeod Family in Lynchburg," "Descendants of the First Generation," "Ancestors" a pictorial section, plus chapters on the Reynolds, Moore, Onthank, Simonds and Bowker Families.

Each chapter includes a "Footnote Reference" section listing the sources of information for that chapter. It is well documented.

Other surnames covered in this Scottish genealogy include: Adams, Ayres, Barclay, Beddow, Bicksler, Breckenridge, Campbell, Culbertson, Dexter, Fraser, Gibson, Gilliam, Haines, Hatch, Hartman, Houston, Laws, McClanahan, McCown, McCrae, Mcleod, Overstreet, Paxton, Poague, Preston, Reifsnyder, Rice, Rill, Tyree, Williams and Wood.

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