The Loy Family Genealogy

1172 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", hardcover, acid free paper, over 80 photographs, indexed.

The book begins with the linage of Martin Loy, born 1741 in Germany, settling in North Carolina, and traces the descendants of his children, George, John, Mary, and Henry as they migrated across the United States into Tennessee, Kentucky and many other states.

Some of the families included in this book are: Akin, Albright, Aldridge, Allison, Anderson, Andrew, Antle, Baker, Beeler, Bennett, Bilby, Blakey, Bryant, Ballou, Britt, Brockman, Burbridge, Campbell, Carroll, Carter, Chamberlain, Clapp, Collins, Coomer, Cronk, Cundiff, Darnell, DeArmond, Dixon, Efland, England, Foust, Frankum, Gadberry, Garmon, Grant, Green, Grider, Hardwick, Harless, Hartley, Harvey, Harwood, Hayes, Hendren, Hill, Hutcheson, Irwin, Isley, Johnson, Janes, Jones, Keeler, Lawhorn, Lawless, Lessley, Lewis, Longmire, Love, McClister, McGinnis, McKinley, McWhorter, Mann, Medlin, Miller, MItchum, Montgomery, Moore, Morrison, Moser, Murphy, Myers, Nation, Neese, Oaks, Overton, Page, Payne, Peterson, Petty, Pfander, Powell, Quinn, Richardson, Ridenour, Rogers, Rosenbaum, Rowe, Samuell, Saunders, Savage, Sears, Seaton, Sharp/Sharpe, Snodderly, Sparks, Spies, Stooksbury, Stotts, Strange, Taylor, Thompson, Tillman, Waggoner, Walker, Walton, Weaver, Wheeler, White, Wilson, Witt, Wood, Wright, Yarberry, Yates, York and others.

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