George Long and Margaret Rebecca Keefer, Their Ancestors and Descendants

486 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, acid free paper, photographs and illustrations, indexed.

Table of Contents:

PART 1: Our Ancestors

PART 2 First Generations

PART 3 The Descendants

PART FOUR: Assorted Ancestors and Relatives

Some of the families included in this book: Adams, Ankeny, Barnes, Barnett, Becker, Belschner, Blair, Blasius, Bliss, Boggs, Brallier, Branchflower, Brandenburg, Braun, Brown, Burger, Burnidge, Casidy, Choler, Cline, Cloer, Collinsbourne, Cottrell, Crabill, Crites, Davis, Deal, Diggs, Easter, Edmunson, Ewers, French, Garlitz, Geeting, Gochenauer, Grafe, Keefer, Kulpinski, Larimer, Lehman, Lewis, Long, Lowe, Machan, Marra, Matkins, McCorkle, McGrew, Messner, Modesitt, Moeller, Monce, Morrison, Need, Newman, Niles, Norris, Norton, Olwin, Peters, Pfiester, Pritchard, Richardson, Rickey, Ritter, Row(e), Schauwecker, Schlegel, Shattuck, Shippy, Shultz, Sigrist, Sinders, Spears, Spague, Sprunger, Staley, Steirnagle, Sullivan, Teeters, Tenney, Tomlinson, Toney, Trowbridge, Troxell, Van Houten, Wentworth, Wingert, Workman, Yentes and others.

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