The Hyders & Maneys (of Western NC) --- Right Good Folks ---

160 pages, 7 x 10", hardcover, acid free paper, photographs and illustrations, indexed.

A native of Asheville, NC, Ann Hyder Zink has researched and compiled a family history covering the Hyder and Maney lines from the immigrants to some of the present descendants.

The Hyder section begins with the immigrants, Hans Michael Heider, and his wife, Katherine, who arrived in Philadelphia, PA on 17 August 1729 and eventually moved to the part of Virginia which is now West Virginia.

Included in the first generation are their children: Johann (Hans) Adam Hider, Katherine Hider (who married Colonel Andrew Hampton), Michael Hider of Tennessee, Jacob Hider and Benjamin Hider I of Rutherford County, NC. Over eight generations are recorded in the Hyder line.

Other surnames in this section are: Barnard, Carson, Carter, Dillingham, Hampton, Heslep, Jay, Littlejohn and more.

This is not intended to be a strictly comprehensive, genealogical account of the entire Western North Carolina Hyder clan, but mostly, a compilation with concentration on the lines of Hans Michael, Ben I, Ben Jr., Ben III, John M. and Emmett M. Hyder.

Written in narrative style, this account of biographical sketches contains 31 photographs, several maps, surveys, deeds, and wills. Included are interesting recollections about relatives, as well as a number of compelling letters which were written in the 1800s by the Jay and Hyder families. These letters give a valuable insight into the lives of friends and relatives of that time.

The Maney line starts with Martin Maney, the immigrant from Ireland, who arrived in Virginia in 1769. Martin served in the American Revolutionary War, and in 1781, he married Keziah Vann, of Indian descent. Following are his Maney descendants: John Jackson, Madison G., Matt, William Romulus, Sophina Atlas Finney, Melvin Leroy, Mary Alice Maney-Riddle, and Gertrude Maney.

Surnames included in this section are Anders, Carson, Carter, Riddle, Fisher, Wallen and others.

In addition, there is a listing of some of the Hyder and Maney men and their kin who served in the Armed Forces.

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