History of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints in North Carolina

320 pages, 6 x 9" hard cover, acid free paper, photographs.

From the mountains to the sea spread the Gospel in North Carolina!

This history depicts the successes and failures of the Church in all country areas of the state. It is written in a manner that allows the non-member as well as the member to understand and appreciate the contribution of the people of North Carolina to the Church as well as the contribution of the Church to this area.

About the author: Having been born and reared in the Church in North Carolina, the author has witnessed and experienced many of the events described in this book. He has served as a branch president and a bishop and now serves as a stake high councilman.

An interest in genealogy in his teenage years led to publication of the time-tested and highly popular North Carolina Genealogical Reference, which he authored in 1956 and co-authored in 1966. He spoke at the World Conference on Records in Salt Lake City in 1969 on "Tips for Genealogists Searching in North Carolina Records" and on "The Value of Guides to Genealogical Records". This background of experience has been invaluable in the compilation of this history.

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