"In Search of Aaron" -- A Himrod Genealogy

536 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, hardcover, acid free paper, photographs, documents and maps; indexed.

This is the only comprehensive book of Himrod genealogy ever published. Beginning in Germany in the 1600s, with complete documentation, it joins all known Himrod lines and follows them to present day.

It shows emigrant Himrods, Simon Ludwig and Johann George, arriving (1752-53) in New Jersey, then moving to NY, PA, OH and throughout the US. It also follows their emigrant nephew, Johann Ehrenreich (Aaron) arriving in PA in 1792 and migrating to Fairfield Co., Ohio. Many of Aaron?s descendants moved to Hardee Co., Florida in the early 1900s. (This is the direct line of the authors? family and is complete with proving documents.) Twelve collateral lines are also traced.

This book contains a narrative approach to the disclosure of the life and times of Himrods in Germany and early America, giving a humanistic approach to historical data of family genealogy.

Table of Contents:

Part 1 The Search

Part II Relevant German Histories

Part III Early Emigrants and Their Families Before Them

Part IV Johanna Ehrenreich's (Aaron's) Life in America

Part V Other Himrods in America

Some of the families included in this book: Abresch, Albritton, Allen, Alspach, Anderson, Aronson, Barney, Baxter, Bement, Blake, Blond, Boerstles, Bostick, Brindle, Bryan, Buckingham, Campbell, Cathcart, Coddington, Cole, Cooper, Crawford, Cross, Davis, Eller, Evans, Farr, Francis, Gaber, Goodban, Grotzinger, Heimroth, Hemroth, Hemroths, Hillis, Himerod, Himmerod, Himmeroth, Himrod, Himrote, Himroth, Hopes, Howard, Hunt, Kaveney, Keller, Kirrberger, Koch, Lane, Leslie, Littleton, Lopus, Lorbeer, McGill, McLallen, MacTarvish, McWilliams, Massey, Merrill, Mirick, Moelich, Murdy, Owen, Pederson, Phoenix, Pridgen, Raleson, Rockwood, Ryan, Schleidweiler, Schoewe, Skinner, Steves, Sweatman, Thomas, Trotter, Vargo, Vincent, Whittlesey, Wood, Wormersley, Young and Zeek.

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