The Harvill Family

432 pages, 6 x 9" hardcover, photographs, maps, indexed.

In the 1500's five Harvill brothers left Harville, France for England. In 1635 John Harville left England and came to America. Some of the Harvilles stayed in Virginia, some went to North Carolina, and in the early 1800's four Harvill brothers and four Anderson brothers went to Hickman County, Tennessee.

This is the story of Young James Harvill and his family - 2 wives and 18 children. The first wife had 5 children and the second had 13 children. Of these 18 children only 13 had children, which made 85 first cousins. My father was one of these children.

Some other family names mentioned in this book are: Anderson, Bandy, Bates, Bratton, Egli, Ford, Gallagher, Graves, Harvill, Harville, Harwell, Hite, McCord, Maples, Mobley, Moore, Parsons, Robertson, Smith, Williams and more.

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