Henderson and Sholar Lineages of Duplin County, North Carolina

1088 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, photographs, indexed.

Being a record of The Descendants of William Henderson and William Sholar of Cypress Creek Township, Duplin County, North Carolina.

"TOGETHER AT LAST"! Perhaps this would be a fitting subtitle to this book because it has taken almost five years of records searching, personal interviews and telephoning to gather the information found in this volume. I have identified over 5,000 families and approximately 25,000 individuals who are related as descendants of William Henderson and William Sholar, who lived in the Cypress Creek area of Duplin County, North Carolina in the late 1700's and early 1800's. This includes the surnames of: Albertson, Alexander, Aycock, Batchelor, Batts, Baugh, Blanton, Bonham/Bonum, Bradshaw, Brinkley, Brock, Brown, Bryan, Carter, Casteen, Cavenaugh, Craft, Dail, Dale, Davis, Deal, Dixon, Edwards, Englehart, English, Evans, Finch, Fountain, Fucili, Fussell, Futrell, Garris(s), Garvey, Gray, Gurganious, Gurganus, Hall, Halso, Hanchey, Harrell, Hatcher, Henderson, Herring, Hill, Hollingsworth, Howard, Hunter, Inman, Ipock, Isenhour, Ives, James, Jarman, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Kennedy, King, Knowles, Lanier, Leary, Likens, Lloyd, Maready, Marshburn, Matthews, Mercer, Merritt, Miller, Mobley, Moore, Morton, Murray, Norris, Outlaw, Padgett, Parker, Pickett, Pierce, Quinn, Rackley, Raynor, Reid, Rich, Rivenbark, Rogers, Rouse, Shephard, Sheppard, Sholar, Simmons, Smith, Stokes, Swinson, Teachey, Thagard, Thigpen, Thompson, Turner, Tyndall, Usher, Vann, Walker, Walton, Watson, Wells, Whaley, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Young, Zappulla and many other families. A majority of these families still reside in Duplin and surrounding counties in North Carolina; however, many families live in other parts of the United States and in some foreign countries.

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