Howard-Wright and Allied Families

784 pages, 6 x 9", photographs, llustrated index.

This volume is not the story of one progenitor and his descendants. It is about many families, their lives, fortunes and misfortunes. Starting at the present, a pedigree will be presented to the reader and should be consulted in placing the families in the lineage.

Table of Contents:

Part I - First Three Generations

Part II - Ancestors of John Alexander Howard

Part III - Ancestors of Velma DuBose Howard

Some of the other names in this book: Alexander, Andrews, Bates, Beeks, Bolton, Branch, Briscoe, Brunson, Burch, Butler, Campbell, Carr, Carter, Childers, Clardy, Coker, Coleman, Collins, Cox, Cunningham, Dean, DuBose, Duncan, DuPriest, Farrar, Fendley, Fitzgerald, Gentry, Green, Guinn, Gunter, Hall, Hand, Hayes, Henley, Honeycutt, Howard, Jeter, Jones, Karr, Kerr, Lusk, McConnell, Martin, Mathis, Mock, Moseley, Newell, Niblet(t), Pate, Perkins, Ponder, Pritchett, Sharp, Swan(n), Taylor, Tierce, Trent, Turpin, Vardeman, Vickery, Willis, Wright, Young and others.

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