Descendants of Richard Grant of Louisiana (1818-1885)

157 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, acid-free paper, photographs, indexed.

Richard Grant was born in Louisiana on 10 October 1818 and died there on 30 April 1885. Richard Grant was the father of four children. They were: 1. Mary Harriet Grant who married Thomas Montfort Wells; 2. Mary Anne Coralie Grant, who died at age two; 3. Richard Henry Grant, who married Kate Kingston Boyd; and 4. Mary Rosa Grant, who married Raoul Rachel. Richard Grant had 32 grandchildren.

Some of the surnames in this book are: Adams, Bienvenu, Brownlee, Chandler, Doss, Eversull, Fontenot, Frey, Gallien, Gates, Gabener, Gremillion, LaCroix, Lieux, Linkous, Lowery, Morat, O'Quinn, Parker, Priest, Robert, Sills, Stuckey, Suggs, Underwood, Wallace, Wolf, Young and many more.

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