The Gusler Family

321 pages, 7 x 10", hardcover, illustrated, indexed

This book begins with the possible three brothers: Henry Gusler b 1724 who married Dorothea Hedwich in Germany. He landed in America in 1752. Their children were: Andrew Christian, Elizabeth Dorethia, Christian Frederick, Henry II, John, Anna Maria, Margaret, John Andrew and Catherine.

Phillip Reinhart Gusler who married Anna Sofia ? who had 6 children.

George Adam Gusler, children: Anthony, Elizabeth Margaret, Susannah Mary, John, Catharina, Elizabeth, and Philip Reinhart.

Possible sister Elizabeth Magdalen Gusler who married Jacob Siegrist.


Some of the families included: Adkins, Barbour, Bayne, Boyd, Bryant, Buckner, Carter, Deal, DeHart, Denkins, Dove, Gardner, Gibson, Gillispie, Gusler, Hale, Hall, Hodges, Ingram, Lawless, Mayhew, Myers, Nolen, Peters, Potter, Prillaman, Ratcliffe, Ray, Rogers, Shelton, Shively, Sigmon, Sink, Slone, Thompson, Turner, Vaughan, Wade, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wimmer, Young and more.

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