The Ancestry of Dr. J. P. Guilford -- Volume II

More Seventeenth-Century New England Colonials and a Few Eighteenth-Century Immigrants

1024 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, acid free paper, indexed.

Thirteen years after the publication of Volume I of the Ancestry of Dr. J. P. Guilford, the author offers this final volume of new findings and revisions of the accounts of the ancestral lines as they appeared in the first volume. Also offered are suggested additional ancestral lines designated as "assumed" based on years of reserach -- these in contrast to the "assured:" lines discovered since 1990. This volume is organized into four parts and includes a bibliography of references used, family name indexes to the four parts, and pedigree charts summarizing the ancestries of Dr. J. P. Guilford as provided in both volumes.

PART ONE: Assured Ancestors. Immigrant surnames included are Abbe, Allen, Benham, Child(s), Cogan, Corey, Crow/Crowell, Davis, Durham, Farrar and Pharo, Finney, Goodrich, Griggs, Jaqua/Jakway, Johnston, Keen, Kemp, King, Knowlton, May, Merryman, Monroe, Norcross, Partridge, Seabury, Spink, Timmons, Truant, Wright.

PART TWO: Assumed Ancestors. Immigrant surnames included are Allyn, Bass, Benson, Caswell, Caulkins, Dingley, Eames, Foster, Freeman, Gates, Hayward, Hugh, Jordan, Josselyn, Keen, Lane, Monroe, Noyes, Oldham, Parker, Pidge, Proctor, Ramsden, Rose, Sprague, Stockbridge, Thayer, Wetherhill, Williams, Wood.

PART THREE: Errata and Addenda to Volume I. In this Part are included corrections and additions to all parts of Vol. I ranging from simple typographical errors to ancestral lines discovered since 1990 as well as additions of previously unnoted spouses in all families for which they have been found. Also included are accounts for many of those in Vol. I for whom no further record was known by the author in 1990.

PART FOUR: The Ancestry of Ruth Sheridan Burke: Wife of Dr. J. P. Guilford. The subject of these volumes might never have attained his prominence in the field of psychology had it not been for the constant assistance and support he received from his wife who died in 1992. This section includes all that is known of her ancestry and a tribute to her efforts in his behalf as well as the behalf of the field of psychology.

INDEXES: There are four indexes, one for each of the four sections. Individual names number approximately 13,500 persons.

PEDIGREE CHARTS: There are 130 Pedigree Charts containing ancestors depicted in Vol. I and Vol. II.

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