The Ancestry of Dr. J. P. Guilford -- Volume I

Seventeenth - Century New England Colonials

1024 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, acid free paper, indexed.

Table of Contents:

Some of the families included in this book: Allen, Amidon, Babcock, Bacon, Baldwin, Bascom, Belding, Boardman, Bridgman, Brooks, Brown, .Burlingame, Burt, Butler, Caswell, Chapin, Cheney, Child, Clapp, Colvin, Cotton, Craft, Curtis, Dean, Downing, Edwards, Emerson, Fletcher, Flower, Gardiner, Goodrich, Guilford, Hall, Hawley, Herrick, Hinsdale, Hoar, Hoskins, James, Kinney, Kirby, Knight, Lakin, Learned, Leland, Lobdell, Long, Lyman, Marshall, Millard, Morse, Overton, Parker, Phelps, Pierce, Platt, Potter, Power, Raymond, Read, Rich, Richmond, Riddlesdale, Robbins, Root, Sheldon, Shepard, Smith, Starkweather, Stoddard, Stow, Strong, Taft, Thurston, Torrey, Varnum, Wade, Ward, Wheeler, Whipple, Willard, Williams, Wood, Woodbury, Wright and others.

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