Glenn and Kin

Descendants of James Glen of Hanover County, Virginia 1717-1993

648 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, indexed.

James Glen(n) I died in Hanover County, Virginia, circa 1762-63. This is the well-researched story of several of his proven children and their descendants, most of whom moved first to North and South Carolina, and from there to Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and points west. The book is a revised and much expanded edition of GLENN AND KIN published in 1975 by Lucile Glenn Miller (now deceased) and Jeannette May Christopher (now deceased).

Table of Contents

Allied families include: Bowker, Bowles, Carlisle, Coleman, Debnam, Dennie, Fant, Farr, Gilliam, Greer, Gregory, Harris, Hicks, Hill, Hopkins, Hurst, Johnson, Jones, Kennedy, Lyles, Macon, Matthews, May, McGeehee, McJunkin, Miller, Peake, Perris, Peters, Rice, Sanders/Saunders, Sartor, Sims, Smith, Thomas, Tigner, Triplett, Walker, Warnock, Wilkes/Wilks, Williams, Wright, Yount/Yongue and many others. The book also includes references to other early Glenns of Virginia found in land patents, church records, etc.

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