Henry Edwards, Jr. and Some of His Descendants

Part One introduces the reader to this Edwards family by a nodding acquaintance with John Edwards, who arrived in North Carolina in the 1750s with his family. His youngest son, Henry, born in 1759, and grandson Henry Jr., born in 1799, are the ancestors of all of the families in this book.

Some other family names mentioned in this book include Andrews, Autry, Bailey, Baker, Barefoot, Barrier, Bass, Bennett, Bradford, Britt, Brock, Clay, Koonce, McCall, Morrow, Elliott, Franklin, Hutcheson, Johnson, Lewis, Morrow, Padgett, Pendergrast, Raynor, Rochelle, Spell, Strickland, Thompson, Tyndall, Weedon, West, Wise and many others.

This 7 x 10" beautiful hard cover book has over 600 pages of acid-free paper (for preservation purposes), and contains over 30 photographs and documents.



PART ONE - Early Ancestors

PART TWO - James Sanford Edwards

PART THREE - Britton Algernon Edwards

PART FOUR - Thomas Henry Edwards

PART FIVE - Sidney Franklin Edwards

PART SIX -Martha Ann Edwards

PART SEVEN -Henry Atlas Edwards

PART EIGHT - Other Children of Henry and Mary Edwards



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