The Diffee Family in America

416 pages, 6 x 9" hardcover, photographs, indexed.

This book contains family genealogical histories about many families with the surname Diffee, Diffey, Diffie and Diffy, who are all probably related to each other.

Included are family data starting with William Diffee, born ca. 1732 in NC and his sons William ca 1754, Moses ca 1756, and John ca 1764, and continuing through present generations for some family lines as they migrated to SC, GA, AL, TN, MS, AR, LA, TX, OK and other states. Records from libraries and courthouses in more that 100 counties in these states and in NC and VA, where records revealed that relatives had been, including many census records for 1790 and later years, are included in this book, along with family data provided by many relatives. Limited information about possible family connections in the British Isles is also included.

This book is bound in an attractive hard cover is indexed and includes the names of over 6,000 family members including spouses and children along with dates of birth, marriages, death, etc. if known.

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