The DeLashmutt Story

Elias DeLashmutt of Frederick County, Maryland and His Descendants

419 pages, 6 x 9" hard cover, acid free paper, indexed

Elias DeLashmutt, son of the Huguenot immigrant Peter de la Chaumette, was an 18th century planter in Frederick County, Maryland, and a captain in the Maryland militia during the French and Indian War. He married ELIZABETH NELSON, and they had three sons and four daughters. Their daughters married BOTELOR, NOLAND, LEMASTER and WARFIELD. Their grandchildren moved first to western Virginia, and then to Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, and Iowa. By the 1850's DeLashmutts were as far west as Oregon and California.

Table of Contents

This book includes brief histories of the Huguenots and the de la Chaumettes in southwestern France, and lists more than 2500 descendants, including: Angel, Ballard, Baumgartner, Beeler, Bouis, Bowers, Bratshaw, Briscoe, Chaney, Cheney, Cockerell, Cohler, Compton, Cookerley, Crist, Cronise, Daugherty, Dempster, Elgin, Fields, Firestone, Fleming, Friday, Grove, Hallinan, Hart, Hathaway, Hines, Holland, Holter, Houston, Huff, Inlow, Keyser, King, Love, McCullom, Morris, Newlin, O'Boyle, Parrish, Pearre, Phillips, Reich, Renn, Richards, Sears, Seavers, Shimer, Silliman, Starbuck, Stevens, Storer, Viertz, Walling, Wentz, Wertz, Williamson, Wright, Wylie, Yeazell.

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