The Family of Isaac Denton Cantrell & Sindrilla Cope

136 pages, 6 x 9" hardcover, photographs, indexed.

Isaac Denton Cantrell was born in 1847 in Dekalb County, Tennessee, and married Sindrilla Cope, then 13, in 1870. They lived all their lives in DeKalb County as a farmer and had 10 children. All but one son, Alfred, who died in infancy, is covered in depth, with descendants followed to the present. Many include biological data as well as vital data. A total of six generations are thus covered.

This book also follows the ancestors of Isaac Denton Cantrell seven generations to Richard Cantrill, born before 1689, who resided in Philadelphia, and ancestors of Sindrilla Cope five generations to Thomas Townsend, born 1723 in Scotland.

Associated families: Cantrell, Norris, Cope, Webb, Townsend, Adcock, Anderson, Edgemon, Evans, Parrish, Roberts, Wakefield.

Principal localities: Pennsylvania, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama

Each section of the book is annotated and referenced.

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