One Tree Many Branches

Coultrip, Coultrup, Colthup Families

288 pages, 6 x 9", hardcover, photographs, maps, no index

This book is divided into sections. The introduction contains a short commentary pertaining to the Coultrip name, its spelling through the years, and possible meanings. There are some comments pertaining to the compilation of the Coultrip genealogy, maps of significant areas in England associated with the family, and a pedigree chart. Following the introduction are nine sections of text which trace the family to persons currently living in the United States or England. The appendix which is also divided into sections has information uncovered while searching various records but it is not complete and does not lead to persons living today. In addition there is a short commentary on the Coultrips and smuggling.


Other families are: Armstrong, Avery, Ball, Barkley, Bass, Beam, Bess, Bethea, Bigler, Boatwright, Boyles, Brewer, Brittain, Brown, Bumgarner, Byers, Canipe, Cansler, Cline, Cody, Coon, Dennard, Dew, Elmore, Farmer, Fowler, Frye, Gilbert, Goins, Hahn, Harris, Heavner, Helms, Hill, Hoffman, Hoover, Houser, Huffman, Huss, Jarrett, Kimbrell, Kiser, Kistler, Leatherman, Lenhart, Leonard, Leonhardt, Lohr, Lutz, Matthews, Moser, Neill, Norman, O'Daniel, Peeler, Philbeck, Powell, Reinhardt, Rhyne, Robinson, Rudisill, Sain, Saine, Scronce, Sharpe, Sigmon, Spangler, Warlick, Wehunt, Willcox, Wise, Wood, Woodring, Wright, Wyant and more.

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