The Bussey Family Genealogy -- Volume II

600 pages, 6 x 9", acid-free paper, photographs, illustrations, index.

This book is a follow-up volume to an earlier work published in 1978.

Table of Contents:

Some other names in this book: Allen, Babington, Bawde, Brudenell, Busey, Bush(e), Bush(e)y, Bussey, Busshey, Bussy, Bussye, Cecil, Conge, Cranmer, Cromwell, Fairfax, Guittard, Hercye, Kelly, Marshall, Molineux, Nevil(l)e, Odom, Pearson, Roos, Savage, Shotter, Skinner, Thorold, Watson, Williams, Wingfield, Wood, Young and others.

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