The Blake Family of County Galway, Ireland and North America

416 pages, 7 x 10", hardcover, illustrated, indexed

This book describes the ancestors, life, and descendants of Nicholas Blake who immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1772 and served as a soldier during the Revolutionary War. In addition, there is an appendix listing the other Blake lines who immigrated to America prior to about 1740, including published references and internet sites for each of these families.


Some other surnames Aiton, Allen, Anderson, Ash, Ball, Baumert, Bird, Blake, Briggs, Brown, Burns, Carrithers, Cartwright, Combs, Copeland, Davis, Dewees, Dowell, Dragoo, Enciso, Freeland, Frush, Gardner, Goodloe, Grooms, Hammond, Harvey, Hayman, Huff, Johnson, Knight, Lang, Lewis, Linford, Longacre, Lynch, McClelland, McGrew, McNeil, Malone, Miller, Moore, Nuzum, O'Neal, Patterson, Peterson, Potts, Ralston, Rhoades, Robinson, Robuck, Rossman, Russo, Rutherford, Sasse Shell, Shriver, Smalley, Smith, Snell, Stephens, Stough, Swingle, Thatcher, Thompson, Towner, Tumbleson, Washburn, Waters, Webster, Welch, West, Wilson, Wimmer, Wise, Young, Zumhofe and more.

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