Together They Came

The Berg and Lewis Families

The book is beautifully hardbound with 430 pages and approxmately 100 photographs it contains 10 chapters one on each of the family names in the author's and wife's family -- tracing the families through SC, GA, IN, IL, NC and AL. The information comes from old family bibles, interviews, with older family members, many of whom are now deceased, census records, and information gleaned from many tombstones.

The author is currently working on a supplement which will be mailed out free of charge, to all purchasers of the book, when it is finished.

Families included in this book: Berg, Jox, Croft, Drew, Lewis, Tabor, Johns, Davis, Strickland, DeHart, Gornto, McLeod, Wille, McCool, Courson, DeLoach

Table of Contents

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