Descendants of William Baker, Jr.
(d. Concord, MA. 1702)

Assembled here are the author's years of research dealing with Baker and associated lines. By thoroughly documenting sources herein the author hopes to encourage future investigators to extend the envelope.

The goals of the work :

To assemble in one place Baker family data from multiple sources.

To convey the author's own (Silas Baker line back in time as far as possible.)

To write about ascendants, their world in detail.

To reach out to living descendents, and interest others.

To enrich every reader, and encourage each to learn more.

First immigrant: William Baker (d. Concord 1679) arrived in Concord, MA 1660 with his wife Mary and son William, Jr. William Baker, Jr. married Elizabeth Dutton.

Table of Contents

Some of the family names in this book: Adams, Baker, Ball, Barrett, Child, Cochran, Conant, Coolidge, Cummings, Dunn, Dutton, Felton, Fiske, Hadley, Hager, Hall, Hoar, Howe, Jefts, Johnson, Knowlton, LaDuke, LeDuc, Lewis, McQuiston, Mixer, Porter, Soho, Spaulding, Stuart, Tuttle, Whitney, Woodcock among others.

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