Agustina of Spanish West Florida

And Her Descendants with Related Families of Eagan, Kelker, Palmer, and Taylor

224 pages, 7 x 10", photographs, illustrations, indexed

This book is the research and documentation of the author's mother's family story. The family story begins in Spanish West Florida, present day Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties in Florida. The earliest family member of each line has been documented as far as possible and placed in the historical context of his time.

The methods of research can be beneficial to other genealogists and family historians, especially those interested in African-American family research.

Table of Contents:

Associated families: Anderson, Bird, Boykin, Brown, Burnette, Christin, Cobb, Drake, Eagan, Fair, Ferguson, Gray, Gross, Hubbell, Jackson, Johnson, Kelker, McVoy, Mims, Noriega, Palmer, Richardson, Sea, Sedwick, Stephens, Taylor, Thomas, Walker, Young and others.

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