The Andrews Descendancy 1530 - 1994

312 pages, color coat of arms, indexed

Table of Contents

Some of the other families in this book are: Albin, Andrews, Applegate, Beesley, Beougher, Berry, Bliss, Bole, Briese, Briggs, Brown, Burrell, Carter, Collins, Cox, Crumb, Davis, DeMott, Dohm, Ekholm, Ellwanger, Evans, Fisher, Forry, Fox, Galusha, Gillespie, Gray, Groome, Grothen, Hazlitt, Heier, Hunt, Hurd, Huston, Kalivoda, Klausmeyer, Krauth, Lauver, Liston, Lively, Lowry, McCready, McMann, Meythaler, Murch, Myers, Meyers, Oswald, Prickett, Pritchard, Roberts, Romey, Russell, Schill, Smith, Sponsel, Stout, Taft, Thyfault, Turco, Vandewater, Wallage, Webber, Wilson, Wise, Wyker and others.

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